I'm a semi-retired, part-time hermit, an "old fart" with Asperger's Syndrome who was inspired by an "old-fart"-wannabe who also "has" Asperger's syndrome, and who has been making the news lately, to set up this website.

I'm currently working on my masters thesis in everythingology at the University of Hard Knocks. That's a recent extension of the School of Hard Knocks. The curriculum is more intense, but it actually seems a little easier, now that i've graduated from the School.

WikiSpirit isn't my website, not even my idea. It came from another inspiration that started evolving years ago, and developed through conversations with close friends and family, who hoped it would develop into civil and thoughtful conversations with billions of not-so-close friends and family.

But it's not for me at all. Rather, it's for all of us.

I'm not the editor, just an editor and site co-ordinator. Pretty much the only one at the moment, except for the one or two people so far who have commented. I expect there will be more soon, because everyone is an editor, who is interested enough and has an idea they want to share or to comment upon. I have plenty, more than I could ever handle on my own, but i have to write them down, because i'm not good with spoken words. I often think about words too much before I speak them or after I hear them, because I've found that not doing so inevitably brings me grief sooner or later, and by the time i've finished thinking either the conversation has gone elsewhere, or I have.

My parents had found each other as Polish veteran refugees from Communism, who had emigrated to England, where the three of us oldest children were born. Our family pretty much kept to ourselves. We were raised into devout Catholicism, and our parents didn't question the authoritarian approach to raising children.

As a child i just wanted to be friends with people but they kept doing stupid things and things that were wrong, often to me, and i didn't like that very much. So i told them. Then they usually got mad at me, because it was the truth but they didn't want us both to see it, at least not when we were in each others presence. Even my parents often did it, but my parents were war-torn immigrants who hadn't the time or money to look after the five of us kids properly, never mind trying to re-create and restore their own already war-torn spirits. The authoritarian and posessive spirit of the times in which they were raised hadn't been broken by the war, but the fear and suspicion upon which it was built had been strengthened. Children were to be seen and not heard, and the rod was not spared for fear of spoiling us children. Other national and racial groups were not to be trusted.

As a result, I spent most of my spare time alone in the bedroom I shared with my brother, who is, relatively speaking (no pun intended, but it's deeply brilliant) much more of an extrovert, and had found ways to be sociable. I never learned well enough to play the common mind games and tell variously-hued lies, and I sometimes wondered if I had been conceived on another planet, and somehow delivered here by mistake.

I'm guessing Greta Thunberg often feels like that. Most of us probably have, at some time and/or another.

Other times, i wondered what was wrong with me. But I continued hating lies, even my own - whenever anyone succeeded in pointing them out to me, or if I managed to figure them out on my own, and the stars aligned in such a way that I was in the mood to accept the revalation. It wasn't until 5 or six years ago that my sister-in-law kindly suggested that I might "have" Asperger's syndrome.

But it seems to me that when someone "has" Asperger's syndrome, it's usually everyone else that has it except the "accused."

I recently heard somewhere that we AASes (Anyone with Asperger's Syndrome - (I made the acronym up) are not much interested in make-believe, and even less in fantasy. I think we should be talking about Asperger's Deficiency, which is the other side of the coin. That would be defined as a lack of attention to some, or a lot, of important aspects of reality for one reason or another, or an abnormal desire or need to hide from reality. Asperger's Deficiency may already have names for some manifestations, such as attention deficit disorder (time-traveling), and cognitive dissonance (space traveling - "it's not happening here").

I suspect that Asperger's Syndrome in all its manifestations comes down to spacetime traveling combined with a lack of social conditioning and/or the inability or refusal to play social games and or the inability or refusal to tell even 'white' lies; or maybe the inability even to grasp the concept.

All of us of European stock, and many other stocks too, I'm fairly sure, have been raised in an environment of social games and white (and White) lies, and having constant and full awareness of reality would be like being a fish pulled right out of the water. Every one of us has a lack of "Asperger's Deficiency" to some degree and from various causes, be it momentary, temporary or permanent, and whether it's high- or low- functioning, or about average.

All of us except perhaps those at the most autistic end of the spectrum, who are "not smart, brave or abused enough" to lie, even to themselves.

I wonder if Greta Thunberg and other Aspergians would agree.

This is not an Asperger's site, if that's what you're thinking. It will be an opportunity for anyone to air their thoughts in their own way on the issues that excite them. It's mostly my own thoughts right now, only because it has to begin somewhere. After two attempts to get it off the ground when i wasn't ready, this will be its third incarnation.

I'm too busy setting up the site to tell you much more about it or myself right now. The forums are the most important part, but i haven't yet figured out how to set up the structure properly, so right now there are only a few topics to give you the idea. But i'm working on this in my spare time every day now, so check in now and then, because we all have plenty more where those topics came from.

I haven't had much time to figure out how to set up a contact or subscription form either, but you can send an e-mail to editors at wikispirit dot net.

I still hate lies, so if there are any in what i wrote anywhere, please let me know, and if you can, tell me where they are. And if you have any experience coding or working with Drupal 7, or Tiki-Wiki and/or Lime Survey and would like to help now and then, I'd love to hear from you.

Also, i'd like to hear your thoughts behind any comments like "You're a dreamer," or, "It'll never work," so we can both learn a little.


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