The Beautiful Apocalypse

Light breaks through the darkness behind a pirate ship.

"O see the darkness yielding, that tore the light apart
Come healing of the reason, come healing of the heart."

Leonard Cohen - "Come Healing"


"Everybody get together, try to love one another,
right now."
Chet Powers - "Get Together"

This article was originally published on December 13,2014.

      The word 'apocalypse' has come to mean a widespread, violent and calamitous event. In Jewish and Christian literature it most often refers to a final battle and ultimate triumph of good over evil in the near future. However, the word's original meaning was simply a disclosure or revelation.

    ‘The Beautiful Apocalypse’ is the cumulative effect of individual awakening to the fact that we are all one in Spirit. It is a realization that we have the means and the power to right the wrongs on which our society is structured. It refers to a grass-roots overhaul of that structure through non-violent, if not always peaceful means, through increased awareness of the real roots of global problems. It is a transformation from a society of oppression and conflict to one of co-operation and peaceful coexistence; a society in which we have all started over and  the "one-percent"  have found legitimate, productive and enjoyable occupations along with the rest of us; while at the same time the contributions to society of even it's most destitute or despicable members are being recognized, and valued, if not clearly, out of empathy, then at least out of compassion.

    This awakening of mankind cannot be defined or outlined as a movement. Nor for the most part has it been widely and consciously recognized yet, because it is not a political event, but a mass spiritual experience.

   It is becoming momentous. It is not the province of any religion, but it can be nothing else than a significant aspect of humanity's enlightenment. Having no leaders or authorities other than individual spirit and conscience, it can be seen as a collaborative work of humanity; helping one another to cast off the many dogmatic chains, both political and religious, by which we have bound ourselves. At its core it is beyond democracy, beyond politics, beyond science and religion, even beyond civilization. It is the freedom of pure Spirit.

    The Beautiful Apocalypse is well under way, and gaining momentum. However, the sudden, ugly, painful apocalypse indicated in such Biblical books as Revelation and Daniel, and also in prophetic writings from almost all other cultures and religions, seems imminent as well. What that means with regard to Biblical prophecy, the Bible as a whole or prophecy in general is debatable, but that particular discussion is, for the most part, a luxury in which we can’t afford to indulge right now. We don’t have much time to spare these days. There’s no doubt that we’re in for a whole pile of trouble, unless mankind quickly comes to its senses - meaning, of course, those senses beyond the five physical ones that we seem to be mired in as deeply as some prophecy analysts seem to be mired in their own bog.

    The primary task is to implement and maintain ethical integrity within the social structure, and quickly. Or in the simplest terms, “Try to love one another, right now.”

    One end result of the Beautiful Apocalypse will be to 'fire' the Pirates who have been running (and ruining) the world since time immemorial.
    This 'firing' process has been under way for some time now, but it seems to be accelerating noticeably in recent times. Witness the identification and nascent awakening of the '99  percent'. Witness the development of an Internet that has thus far managed to maintain a reasonably workable level of intellectual freedom, with a corresponding quantum leap in what may best be described as the enlightenment and growth of mankind. Witness the increasing awareness and popularity of a co-operative approach to management and problem-solving, which is increasingly given rise to movements such as Occupy Wall Street, Idle no More, 'Me Too' and 'Time's Up' campaigns, and an increasing number of other grass-roots networks challenging the corrupt hierarchies.A fierce pirate leads his men ashore from his ship toward us.
    As well, after millennia of oppression, technology has brought us to the point at which the voice of the '99 percent' can be almost a hundred times stronger than that of the 'one percent'!
    Yet, we must reach out beyond that ninety-nine to include the Pirates, pirate-wannabes and everyone else. The one percent, however gleeful or miserable their financial or social status, must be acknowledged as being part of the hundred-percent, which will be another quantum leap in human spiritual development.

    The Pirates have been pirates since the dawn of mankind, since Cain first imagined and became afraid of the potential threat that Abel seemed to be to him.
    In case you didn’t know or don’t remember, in Judeo-Christian and Muslim traditions Cain was Abel's big brother, who killed his younger, still 'innocent' sibling in a fit of jealous rage.
    No doubt they had a stormy history before that. If you've ever known any children, you've probably noticed that the bigger, older and stronger kids tend to try and control the weaker ones, and take all their toys - just because they can!
    Each of us has a bit of the Pirate in oneself. Pirate-style behaviour is innate to nature, related to both desire and survival.
    The Hollywood image of a pirate is of an independent, free-thinking individual who answers to no one, but in reality, 'pirate' is really just a romanticized term for 'sociopath'.
    Our present-day Pirates have literally become "Big Brother," as foreseen by George Orwell in his classic novel, 1984. They now have total control of most aspects of everyone's lives, and a great deal of influence over the remaining ones.
    This will change. It's already changing.
    Armageddon is for the Pirates and Pirate-wannabes, if they really must have it. The Beautiful Apocalypse is for all of us.

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