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Origin: A Review of Dan Brown's Latest Novel

   Dan Brown usually deserves at least three stars just for the quality of his writing, and his latest page-turner is true to form. But the premise of discovering the origins of space, time and life is a tough one to work from.

Fixing the Ends of Time

   If you consider time to be a line, then only one end is a fixed point, and that "past end" is the beginning. It is the inconceivably tiny and infinitely massive speck of nothingness from which all and everything came. The other end of the time line branches continually and progressively into an infinite future of limitless possibilities.


   We all wrote this script we're living out together, in the Dreamtime.
   I remember that. That is, i don't remember the details - we're not supposed to, because that would spoil the fun. But now and then, i remember experiencing the fact of so many billions of us having dreamt this ending, the one in which we don't die again, but this time we wake up together and really live.
   I don't recall it at every moment, because that would be too distracting,
   In order for the past to have any hope of producing the future, we have to stay focused on the present.

Class Dismissed!

   I was born into a well-off and well-educated family, but due to circumstances beyond my control or influence grew up and lived mostly among the group known biblically as "prostitutes and tax collectors." However, the advantage of that path through, and perspective upon, life was to learn quite readily that social classes are illusions, and that we're all prostitutes and tax collectors to some degree, even and especially the "one-percenters".

The Power and Joy of Speaking Truth

   Speaking truth is more than simply telling the truth.
   Telling the truth is the act of being honest, that is, of not trying to hide or misrepresent the facts for personal advantage. "Little white lies" and "security reasons" aside, it should be a simple act, but ego complicates it enormously, either out of a fear of consequences or for any number of other personal reasons.

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