We all wrote this script we're living out together, in the Dreamtime.
   I remember that. I don't remember the details - we're not supposed to, because that would spoil the fun - but on occasion the memory arises of so many billions of us having co-dreamt this ending, the one in which we don't die again, but this time we wake up together and really live.
   I don't recall it at every moment, because that would be too distracting. In order to have any hope of realizing that dream of our future out of what our past has wrought, we have to keep re-focusing on the present.

   Time travel has its uses, but it's generally overdone. Both tradition and imagination are handicaps, without moderation.
   Going back  in one's memory a few months or years, or even researching important details from ages ago, are valuable skills, but only when applied to the needs of the present. In like manner, the head of a habitual daydreamer is easily absorbed into the clouds, making the feet stumble along the ground.
   The reason for remembering and dreaming is to learn to be awake.
   There's a catch, though, to that awakening. At first, you feel so wide-awake and free that you forget that life entails a duty to continue, at every moment, to dream the Dream together.
   To learn to dream is why we're here in the first place.

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