What does it take to do the job?

This is the page on which we get to have fun criticizing

people who have expertise, power and/or authority

and anyone else who doesn't know what it's like to be us.

We won't mention any names. They know who they are.


How to be a successful ______________ :


  • Realize that there is no accounting for some things.
  • Know what really counts. Not money by itself, but the effect of applying money to certain things or processes, or in a certain direction.


  • mind your own business, but not anyone else’s
  • once you're earning a living, it's not longer about the money, but what you're doing with it. Do what needs to be done at the time, in relation to the purpose and function of your business. when you have ‘done your business’, it’s time to move on.
  • When taking care of your business, take personal care of all of it.


  • be a guide not a censor
  • mind your own business
  • be a censor, not a killer


  • no one can tell you that. But you already know.


  • always edit yourself first and last
  • be a judge, but don’t go out of your way to be a teacher.


  • If you think you already are one, maybe you're not. if you're sure you are one, you're probably wrong.


  • Don't just decide to be one, then start judging. It's serious stuff. As judges, people are most successful when most other people find them to be  good judges, not when they decide or intend to be judges, and not because they are paid to be.
  • be a judge and a teacher, not a censor




  • Walk the plank as soon as possible.


  • Don't. Just stop.

safety,security, police or military officer:

  • be a human being, above all. That means acting with honesty, fairness and compassion, out of love
  • Ideally, global or regional police/military should come from community police, as needed, with reserves becoming community police officers (upon which they undergo ongoing police and military  training/refresher courses and exercises as part of the job description)
  • your first responsibility is to the community which hired you. Your allegiance to any regional, national or global force must be conditional upon that force’s conformity to the values of the community which sponsors you.


  • teach how to learn, not facts and statistics.
  • learn from your students. Teach them to teach you.




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