Fixing the Ends of Time

   If you consider time to be a line, then only one end could be a fixed point, and that "past end" would be the beginning, "before" which there was no spacetime. According to current scientific theories and worldview, it was the inconceivably tiny and infinitely massive speck of nothingness from which all and everything came.

The other end of the time line branches continually and progressively into an infinite future of limitless possibilities. Time may or may not have had a beginning, but if its origins are inconcievable, its culmination is even less imaginable. That's because time exists only in the human mind. It is a human invention, a tool to help us visualize reality. But it is a powerful tool, and as with any power tool it must be used properly. If we don't learn to live properly in the present, our tool becomes an obsession.

    In a universe of infinite and often irreconcilable possibilities, there can be only one reality. Multiple universes are possible only in the spiritual dimensions of imagination and potentiality. They are not possible in this physical world, simply because physical reality reflects the collapse of the wave functions of all possibilities and probabilities into this actual moment. In other words, we can and do dream up infinite possibilities, each of which contributes to or detracts from the Dream which is our constantly becoming Reality,

   The original Dream, the Primal Urge, is of Being and Knowing.

   Molecules came, and probably still are, a tiny bit later on in time than their atoms. Atoms may exist a bit later in time than their "particles." which exist "later" than their wave functions, which may derive from an infinity of possibilities. An infinity of possibilities arises continuously and momentarily from the primal urge to Be and to Become, which is and was the beginning of time and space, or Alpha, or the "beginning" of physicality, and probably the first quantum leap in God-consciousness. Substances might exist a bit farther ahead in time than the elements that comprise them. Sentient focuses of being or consciousness, like people, pets or paramecia, may exist a bit farther ahead in time than their bodies, how much farther varying according to their degree of sentience. Human awareness on the whole may operate at least a fraction of a second in time ahead of the atoms of which all humans, and everything else, are composed. Gaia (the consciousness of planet Earth) is a bit farther ahead in time than the spirit of humanity (Christ-consciousness). Galactic consciousness is ahead of stellar consciousness, which is ahead of planetary consciousness. Universal Consciousness is light-years ahead of Christ-consciousness, and always just ahead of that is the infinite end that will never come to be because it is ever becoming: or Omega, or the end-boundary of God-consciousness.
   Ultimately the beginning and end of time are the same. All consciousness is part of the original and ongoing Dream of God-consciousness - including memories. Time and space define points from which the dreamer views. It is only urge and imagination that create the waves of possibility which solidify into the potential energy of new time-space in our ever-expanding universe. It is the realization of the Dream that fills it, and the eternal "beginning of time" that accelerates its expansion toward its eternal end.

   We are already and forever at that "end" of time of which we most commonly speak, the one we all seem to fear so much. It is the perpetual end of the infinite moment which is always beginning. It is.the eternal now. It is a goal, but not an ending - save for the unrealized possibilities of the past. It is also the eternal beginning of new possibilities and ever-fresh hope. The goal is that to which life is the means, an ever-developing, flowering and maturing purpose. The present moment is the "future end" of time, and has been such from the beginning, which of course also "was" the present moment. The furthest past is (and was) an inconceivable and oppressive nothingness, which is disappearing in a torrent of eternal conception and perception of something being, and of being something.

   The "future end" of time is the part that lives. This very moment is the first moment of the rest of your life. Forget what happened in the past. Just fix it if you need to, then move on. Or if the past is something that can't be fixed, fix something else instead, as you move on.

   As they say, "The future is now."


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