How to Make America Great Again

How to Make America Great Again

   The rest of the world doesn't blame Americans for all of the problems on the planet, but the U.S. must currently accept the greatest share of responsibility for them.

   What does "Make America great again" mean? What does it mean to put America first? Great in what way? First at what?

  Great at bullying smaller and weaker nations to get her own way, or great at setting an example of democracy and working toward global co-operation and reconciliation?

   First to take as much as she can for herself, or first to ensure that everyone - not just every one person, but every one nation as well - is treated fairly and has enough to live?

   Each of those questions has two possible answers. One way leads to true greatness, but the other is America at her pettiest, smallest and ugliest.

   Here are a few clues about how to make America great:

How to Be Great (Again), Whether You're America or Not

Whether You're a Country or Not

It's not about Me, but about Us.

Not you and me, but Us.

Not U.S., but Us.

Not just all Americans, but all of Us.

Not just the ones we call the "good guys." Everyone.

Everyone, everywhere. All the time.

Everyone in the whole world.

Like them or not.

We're all in this together, like it or not.

But don't worry about yourself, because there can be no "We" without "you" or "i."

Not "I" but "i."

Get it?

   America was once great, but that was when she was yet but a gleam in her founding fathers' eyes. But reality set in even before she was born, with those having the most money and property calling the shots from the beginning. As well-meaning as they may have been, they were never immune to temptation.

   So America too quickly gave up those feminine qualities of caring, compassion and community-mindedness. As she grew she became an aggressive, competitive and dominating "he." She transgendered into "Uncle Sam," a big, fat, global bully, one of three or four such, each with their own gang of cohorts. These days the rest of the world sees Uncle Sam as that queer uncle who abuses his nieces and nephews at every opportunity.

   Uncle Sam, for the good of the family please get some therapy.

   As Dr. Phil likes to say, "You can't un-ring a bell." That's true. But you can keep it from being rung again. And we're quickly getting to a point where we have more ding-dongs than we can handle.

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