The Other Side of Reality

    Many scientists have become too comfortable with the concept of a purely physical world, forgetting it has been the most popular explanation of reality for only a couple of hundred years; one which didn't enhance or improve but completely rejected the spiritual sense that is inherent in humanity. Even the word "spiritual" causes an automatic, negative reaction in many people, so let's make clear the difference between spirit and mind: The difference is life.
    Mind is a lifeless computer program. Spirit is originally the programmer, and currently the user of the program. Spirit is simply life itself. DNA is the program to build a body; spirit is the desire to run the program, and the experience of doing so.
    Reality does indeed consist of two discernible realms: the physical realm of matter, energy, reaction and data and the spiritual realm of consciousness, information, willful action and communication or relationship. It is becoming evident that this latter realm is the matrix of physical being. There would be nothing to observe without an observer; nothing to know without a knower.
    Reality is conscious, beginning with the Consciousness of Being of the most primordial state of matter, that Being which "banged" in the ongoing event in which we live, the furthest imaginable past of which we like to call the "Big Bang" - as if it were over ages ago and has nothing to do with the present, but which is eternal life itself.
    The most primordial state of consciousness is the urge to know, to be aware of "something"; for that universal and divine energy to realize its own potential, to know what becomes of Oneself, even as it creates its own becoming. That divine energy of kinetic and potential consciousness, memory and imagination is what we know as Spirit, Power, God, and a multitude of other names in all different languages.
    At the same time, the physical world is the ground of spiritual being. It is the here and now, the time and place of the divinely uttered "I Am."
   What you are at your innermost being is not a physical "thing." You are a part of the Consciousness of Being.  It is logically impossible for you to be conscious unless reality itself is conscious to at least the same degree.
   Non-physical existence is not the same as non-existence. It doesn't require physical reality. The only thing that such existence requires is that there be some sort of awareness of it.
   Matter, and that which we know by various labels such as consciousness, mentality, spirit, ego, self (depending on the context), are two sides of the same coin which is reality. Each of us at our core is consciousness itself. We are spirit. Reality at its core is Spirit.
   Thus, we dwell within two interactive environments. Ecology deals with our physical environment, which operates on the laws of nature. Society is our spiritual environment. It includes not just humans, but our society with animals and any other sentient beings. Society operates (ideally) on moral law, sometimes called God's law, or simply the Law. In the East it is called Tao.
    As an example of non-physical existence, take music. It is not a physical entity in itself. You can't determine the weight and mass of music, nor its temperature. The closest you can come is to detect the waves of sound in a microphone and their patterns on an oscilloscope or other monitoring device, and perhaps write them as symbols on a sheet of paper. But those sound waves and patterns do not contain the music itself. You feel the music. It is the spiritual experience of the beauty of a physical event. The music is not felt in your brain, but in your soul.
    The appreciation of beauty is purely spiritual. Aesthetic quality is not perceived and assessed through an evolved procedural algorithm in a purely mechanical computer-brain, or through some sort of similarly ‘evolved’ hormones of aesthetic appreciation. Rather, the spiritual experience of beauty generates the feel-good hormones.
    Here are a few more examples:
    Peer pressure is not a physical thing. It has only a spiritual existence.
    A moment of silence to commemorate victims of a disaster or other tragedy is a spiritual thing.
    Emotional stress, when it occurs, is an often intense component of the spiritual realm. It is a spiritual problem which manifests physically as illness or some other disorder.
    Mathematics, physics and similar sciences are tools to measure and record the physical world. However, study and learning themselves are, first and foremost, spiritual experiences.
    Pleasure and displeasure are physical reactions, but joy and longing are spiritual states.
   Matter and spirit are the basic duality of life, but the two are not equal in value or importance. Only one of the two is sentient. Only one knows of or cares about the other.
  You are not one or the other, but both spirit and matter. So, who are you really?


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