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The little nuggets of wisdom below include all those which previously appeared in the 'Think About It' section on our front page. Here's your chance to add your own! Comment on any of the following concepts in the comment form below, or add your own, original thoughts.

For now, these are numbered from most recent to oldest, untli we tweak this site a lot more. (Function first, at least in spacetime. Form will follow.) In time we'll have little thumbs up, thumbs down and question mark icons. To comment on an existing post, reference the line number. Items will disappear from the list after they're seeded onto their own pages, if and when enough comments are contributed. It'll be fun!


Thoughts from Previous Moments:


  1. It takes only two to tango but it takes all of us to dream
  2. You often can have it both ways. You just need to change your ways a bit.
  3. Those who do not remember our future are doomed to repeat the past.
  4. It's not the end of the world. It's the beginning.
  5. We'll never change the system as long as we like to blame it for everything we do.
  6. The easiest thing is to imagine how the other person must feel. The hardest thing is to want to imagine how the other person must feel.
  7. Words are the best tools we have for confusing and deceiving ourselves and each other.
  8. Not only must we learn how to see things, we must also learn how not to not-see them.
  9. Those who tend to think of people as consumers are those who become the most consumed.
  10. Before you speak your mind, listen to your heart. Before you speak from your heart, listen to your mind.  
  11. We are carried along helplessly by the river of life until we realize that we can swim!
  12. Where you are now is more important than where you've been.
  13. Proper understanding requires science. Full understanding is beyond science.
  14. Even when I don't think, I still Am.
  15. The only  thing wrong with the world is the way everyone sees it.
  16. There are no bad words, only bad intentions.
  17. When we were hippies we used to have good vibrations. But we've learned that we don't need to vibrate as much as simply resonate.
  18. We're always suspicious of factoids. Some of them are the seeds of alternative facts.
  19. Love makes the world go 'round. Money makes it wobble.
  20. It may not be your time to shine, but you can still glow softly and warmly.
  21. Don't try to think through your feelings. Instead, feel your way through your thoughts.
  22. Re-internalize your costs.
  23. Consciousness is not an illusion or an epiphenomenon. It is that which has been becoming you, right from the Beginning.
  24. None of us can change the past; but if we learn from it we can change the future.
  25. Naming something does not make it so.
  26. Your self is who you are. Your ego is who you think you are.
  27. Assigning value to something is the easiest thing to get wrong. Assigning value to someone is the worst and deadliest.
  28. Paradise is when you get everything you really need, and that is all you ever want.
  29. Politicians and bureaucrats seldom make any progress.
  30. Your work ethic is fine. Develop your play ethic.
  31. Credit is meant to be given, not taken.
  32. Only those with something to hide need fear the Truth.
  33. education (good) <- - - - ->  indoctrination (bad)
  34. You don't need an app. You need to be the app.
  35. A simple hug is the most wonderful thing in the world. A compound (group) hug is exponentially more wonderful. That's the true basis of the growth of any community. It's well past time for a 7-billion-plus-way hug.
  36. my mind keeps distrusting my spirit. I'm not surprised, because society has been engineered to train minds to do exactly that.
  37. We learned long ago how to take care of business. The trouble is, we never learned properly how to conduct business in the first place.
  38. Cyberspace is the clearest example we have of the spiritual realm manifesting in the material.
  39. Why do we insist on traveling everywhere isolated in our own, heavy, difficult to move metal boxes?
  40. Our stories used to teach us. Now, more and more they are told simply to entertain us, or even just to titillate us.
  41. In any relationship, never give the other person or group a reason to be afraid of you.
  42. We have to respect nature. But it's not enough do it out of necessity. We need to do it out of love.
  43. What is the best thing any or each parent (or guardian) ever taught you? What is the worst?
  44. It should be a required civil service, a season or two spent walking in another man's shoes.
  45. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing, if it distracts you from cleaning up your own back yard.
  46. There's a big difference but a fine line between saving for a rainy day, and hoarding.

As far as we know, no one else thought of these first. But anyway, ideas are free for all of us to have, and having one doesn't mean it's not still out there for the next person to think up. Who cares who thought of it first? (But if you do, please let us know).

Each of us has at least one masterpiece inside, waiting to be allowed to appear. It may be tiny or huge, or somewhere in between. It may be something beautiful you create physically, or it may be a new and wonderful idea. It may be something you've added to or it may appear to stand on its own, but it's absolutely impossible that it is not just a part of a more magnificent masterpiece manifesting outside of you. As above, so below. As inside, so outside. This page, indeed this entire website, is an experiment in helping (but never trying to force) each other to see and nourish those masterpieces. Even if you haven't discovered or don't believe in your own masterpiece, you can still take part. You don't even need to log in, but in that case it would take a bit longer. If you're a logged-in editor (it's easy as pie to become one, probably even easier, depending on your pie recipe), you're allowed to post images, audio, video - pretty much anything you're inspired to do.

You needn't write anything profound on this page, It doesn't even have to be something you want to get off your chest, or wherever you've been keeping it. It can be the first thing that pops into your mind (in keeping with the themes of the site), if that's how impulsive you are. Just be nice. Or if you can't be nice, at least be gentle.

Post a pun or crack a joke if you like, as long as it's relevant and in good taste. You'll be the first judge of that, but be careful, because an editor may spoil your joke by modifying or deleting it. After all, it's a free world (depending on your exact definition of freedom).

Your post will appear either in the comments section or at the top of the list within 24 hours, unless it's redundant, too personal, or otherwise inappropriate. Eventually, each post will be linked to "bigger picture" topics such as politics, education, relationships, or pizza. (Just kidding about that last one. But a pizza recipe might conceivably be relevant to a particuar discussion about health and nutrition, in which case entering "pizza" in the search box would find it for you.) The editors might even chose your contribution as the next 'Thought for the Moment'!

Now go ahead and add your own little pearls of wisdom!


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