This is not just about us. It's also about you, him, her, them and anything else that matters.

We're just building this site, so a lot of the intended content is still in a huge pile of loose papers, sticky-notes and envelope backs.

As we go, we'll make pages for each of the following topics and they'll appear as links in this (partial) list of what this site is about:





science and religion


consciousness, sensation and perception


dreaming, and The Dream

relationships, including politics


health - human

health - planetary

us (WikiSpirit)

them (This line will never become a link. There is no "them." We're all in this together, like it or not.)


"Why not just write a book?" you may ask. That's a good question. Right now, most of the site looks like a collection of blog entries. The difference is, you get to improve what our writers have written. We'll show you how. For us, a reluctant compromise is never enough. We want to fully understand each other's views. Almost all of the topics in our list are controversial, but that's because they've become so complicated. To say that humanity has overthought them would be an understatement. We believe that withy proper attitudes and respect for each other we can at least begin to identify some basic truths about each of those topics.

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