T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I., if you didn't know, stands for 'the end of the world as we know it'.  That's a bit extreme for our taste, but we're all in favor of T.E.O.C.A.W.C.K.I. -  the end of "civilization" as we currently know it. Better yet, T.E.O.C.A.W.C.K.I.I.A.G.W. - the end of civilization as we currently know it, in a good way. ('Teocawckiiagw' looks at first glance as though it might be an Anishinaabek word, which seems somehow fittingly symbolic.)

The world as we know it is ending already. Changes are happening with increasing rapidity. "Climate change" is a deceptively weak phrase. A radically changing climate is a major part of the problem, but what we're really facing is ecocide - the wanton destruction of the ecosphere which has led to the sixth major extinction event in the history of life on this planet. We can't do anything about the disaster but we can still minimize the damage. We have a moral responsibility to minimize the damage. We've had that responsibility all along, ever since we became human and philosophical and learned to assign value to objects and to judge actions. Unfortunately, contemporary civilization assesses people as objects, not assigning them the absolute value which all people deserve, but only a relative value based first on their appearance and social grouping, then on their social ability and dexterity.

Fortunately, contemporary civilization is about to change.

Unfortunately, it's going to hurt. Unless humanity gets its act together soon, it.will hurt everyone, a lot. Even you. 

Fortunately, we have the capacity and the means by which we may survive as a species, but the means are neither rugged, survivalist-style individualism nor authoritarian socialism, nor yet Darwinian-style capitalism. They are not politic as we currently know politics to be.

Instead of politicking, we are fixing our relationships, not only with each other, but obviously and equally importantly with the natural world. This is our only possible means of survival - not primarily political, but spiritual - meaning that each of us is responsible to stop supporting our society's cancer.

What is required is a new way of conducting ourselves, as nations as well as individuals. We need a new global vision. Not one that is based on physical power, but one that we find, recognize and remember deep within our own hearts.

It is not up to our leaders, and they are obviously not up to the task. So it is up to me. It is up to you. It is up to each and every one of us.

The more of us that make every effort, big or small, to live consciously, considerately, co-operatively and undistractedly, the greater the chance that humanity will survive this rebellious adolescence. But if you've given up before starting, you're already dead.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are too distracted, self-centered or already dead.

Fortunately, a lot of other people already have their acts together and cleaned up, and are leading the way with experiments in new economies and more intimate and meaningful communities.

Your entire world does not need to end, but each of our personal worlds must radically change. New visions for each of our selves add up to a new vision for humanity, as each of our selves awakens from his or her ego. And as we awaken from the present nightmares, humanity moves closer to living the dream which propels each of us from the core.


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