Vision Quest

A new, shared, global vision


We had originally called this the White Man's Vision Quest. A good friend commented that it should be White People's Vision Quest, to include both (or all) genders. We replied that it was White men who established and fortified the current global authoritarian patriarchy, so we are the ones most in need of a new vision. However on reflection, we find that she had a point. While in "White" culture it has been the men who have lost or forsaken their spiritual vision to the greatest degree, it is true that, as women have publicly reclaimed their power and are exercising it now in most areas of life, more than a few still seem all too willing to share in that loss of vision, and those spiritless men welcome those women's company in their man-made hells.

But really, it is not just the European and other Western nations that are in need of a new vision. Even many Indigenous individuals and entire cultures around the world have succumbed to too much of the "White People's" vision, so what we're really after is a proper, shared, global vision. But the fact remains that our present global order comes from the "white" culture, whose survival and dominance has depended on the principle of might makes right.  We are not implying that no other cultures were based on might makes right. In fact, that is the first principle of survival in the physical world. But in the normal evolutionary process of human beings, individually or as a group - and again, generally speaking - we discover that, all else being even, intellectual or spiritual might is far superior to physical might. (Intellect and emotion, as well as mind, spirit, and even "God" are not entirely different and unconnected things. Those are all aspects of the same "thing": consciousness, or life). Also, it should be obvious to any reasonable person that there is much that is good in contemporary culture as well. But what we too readily ascribe to "white" culture is nothing more than an expression of our natural, animal selves, and may be expressed within any society which has not attained a higher and clearer vision.



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