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Woo-Woo, Woo Hoo!

Submitted by Lutek on Sun, 04/12/2020 - 18:16

We are all two-spirited.

At any given moment we are both feminine and masculine in degrees, varying mostly according to how our cultures define masculinity and femininity, as well as what society expects from us, what the moment requires, and what we have learned, rightly or wrongly.

Of course, hormones and chromosomes have a major influence on all that. So do our physical genders. With few exceptions we are born definitely as either male or female. Got an innie? You're a female. Got an outtie? You're a dude, man.

We need to realize that the difference between masculine and feminine is not the same difference as that between men and women.

Maleness and femaleness are usually fixed physical conditions, whereas masculinity and femininity are variables, related but not tied to an individual's bodily configuration. They are mostly social projections and expectations based on and built from the fact of observable, general physical differences between males and females. In short, our bodies are normally one or the other, but our minds are neither (at least to start with, before they became culturally molded.)

Not understanding this has led to ubiquitous gender confusion.

Each of us is part female and part male. It is a fact that, be you physically male, female, neither, or a bit of both, you are a spiritual being - that is, what you think of as 'myself' is Life Itself. You are part of the becoming of the spirit 'Father' who is life, subsuming and acting within the physical 'Mother,' who is reality coming to life. It is a constant becoming.

The primary meaning of “Honour your Father and your Mother” isn’t simply “Honour your parents.”

“Honour your parents” means not just them, but their parents too, back to the beginning. It means, "Honour the path which the Ancestors - our foremothers and forefathers - cleared for all of us." And are still clearing, through many of us.

It means honour your ancestors, as well as their lands. It also means honour both the male principle - your intellect, awareness, or soul - and the female principle - your body, including your brain, and it's needs - which are the two sides of you, as well as of anyone you know or meet.

These concepts seem beyond the reach of our current science and psychology, probably because those are based on randomness, death and entropy, rather than on life. Anything that goes beyond or comes before quantum particles, entropic physical matter, and electrochemical or neurological reactions is explained by popular science as somehow self-evolved algorithms, or dismissed as "woo-woo."

I hate that word.

I hate it because it is intentionally derogatory, yet i myself am "woo-woo." I am an "epiphenomenon" of "woo-woo."

As i understand it, "woo-woo," along with the ridiculously unbelievable, includes also that 'metaphysical' stuff which science refuses to acknowledge directly, because it has no current explanation in strictly physical terms. So instead, scientismists use the word "epiphenomenon" (a phenomenon which emerges from a different phenomenon) and fool almost everyone into thinking that's a good enough explanation, because it sounds so, well, scientific.

For example: "Life is an epiphenomenon of the chemistry between organic molecules." or: "According to epiphenomenalism, free will having an effect on the physical world is an illusion,"

Those scientismists don't seem to feel any need to further explain exactly how the one phenomenon emerges from the other, or how it got in there in the first place.

Consciousness is "woo-woo." Beauty is "woo-woo." Love is "woo-woo." Empathy is "woo-woo." The list might be endless.

But "woo-woo" is such a bullshit word, much more so than "epiphenomenon." It is a term invented by fanatically religious and annoyingly evangelistic, hopelessly biased, scientismic atheists (a small but powerful minority, by the way). Their biggest error is the assumption that there is no meaning or purpose to reality or existence. The next biggest fallacy in their otherwise meticulously assembled and logically non-falsified assumptions is the belief that anything that is currently "scientifically" untenable either does not exist or is not worth talking about, much less investigating seriously.

Don't misunderstand. I'm not science-bashing here. Science is a wonderful tool that has led to an immense increase in human knowledge. But the most basic assumption of today's science, that existence is a meaningless accident, is quite arbitrary. Today's science denies the possibility that the universe itself is alive - which it certainly seems to be. The current scientific definitions of life miss the big picture, naming such qualities as organization, replication and metabolism, while pretty much ignoring awareness. Shouldn't any proper definition of life reference consciousness as a primary quality?

The attitude is that we can't pin it down so let's just deny it, or call it an "epiphenomenon." For example: science has not properly explained experiences like understanding, or creative inspiration. For example: science has barely "discovered" dark matter and dark energy, but many "scientists" mock any suggestion that those may have something to do with "non-physical" phenomena, which are "woo-woo."

I am "woo-woo." Physically my body is dust, but i - my self, my life - am something more, and my dust is only that which clings to me, and that which i cling to, for one reason or another. And when my dust returns to its proper place, my life will be Life as it always has been. And such as it was, it will always be my unique contribution to the collective "woo-woo."

We were related components of the whole long before we became individual parts of it.

The "woo-woo" which we are collectively is the human spirit, which began with our ancestors. It is part of that same living and evolving spirit we call life from which each of us developed, just as on the physical and mostly sub-conscious side, our DNA and RNA guide the development of our personal, material dust-piles.

Life itself is "woo-woo." Science has not yet explained the origin of life, and will never be able to do so in purely physical terms, because life is a phenomenon which not just reflects, but surely subsumes and maybe even precedes, the varied phenomena of physical being, even though we know it best from our own physical actions, reactions and interactions, both within our bodies - including, of course, our brains - and in the "outside world."

You can't prove all of that by objective science, but you can get an understanding of it through subjective experience: your own, other people's, and that of the ancestors as transmitted through history, legend and tradition. Subjective experience is what you know as your life, but as long as you try to 'objectively' stand aside from it to see it better, you'll never get it. You have to live in it. You have to really feel the living of it, and not just live the feeling of it - most if not all of the time.

Various people, faiths and cultures know the collective and creative spirit of humanity as the Ascended Masters, or Saints, or the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, or the Christ, or the Godhead. The Ancestors or Ascended Masters are that spirit up until now. The Christ or Godhead is the same exact spirit, but from now on. It is eternally alive, but we live between and with the Ancestors and Godhead in the eternal, present moment.

It is all, and we are all, of from and in the holy spirit of life, whether we see it or not. The same goes for all other living beings, be they mammals, microbes, fish, fuchsias or what have you.

As well, we live on holy ground, whether we like it or not. Whether we abuse and misuse it or not. Whether we rape and destroy it or not.

Spirit, awareness, consciousness, sensation, intellect, soul or whatever you want to call it, is life itself. It always has been, and always will be, throughout time and even before. It is that which goes on and goes forth; always becoming more. It did not emerge from the Big Bang, but rather, became it.

Which statement is more logical? "Once upon a time there was absolutely nothing except an infinitely hot and dense, lifeless speck of totality, which somehow suddenly exploded and became everything," or, "Life (G_d, Spirit, Being, woo-woo, the Observer, or whatever you call it) has existed and exists even before and beyond time and space, and has somehow driven the creation and evolution of space and time and everything in it until (and throughout) this eternally present moment?"

Science could be exploring such possibilities as consciousness (a.k.a. life, etc.) acting upon the physical world at event horizons or through magnetic reconnections, for example. Or perhaps greater progress could be made in microbiology by understanding microbes and viruses to be entities which are conscious at a very basic, rudimentary level. We are conscious too - at a higher level, obviously - and therefore there may be an opportunity for connection and influence, beyond and in addition to prescribed physical measures.Physiological effects of consciousness are already noted in such events as placebo effects, meditation, etc.

But instead of being open to such possibilities, many of us, scientists or not, still misunderstand life as being epiphenomenal "woo-woo." So we fail to live it as it is meant to be lived.

Are life, consciousness and spirit just illusions? If so, who is being deluded, and by whom? Is life an epiphenomenon of physical existence, or is it the other way around? Could it be that Life Itself is the ground of being, the matrix of physical reality?

Now that we've gained all that scientific knowledge, we should be examining how the data fit each of the two possibilities (life, or chaos and entropy), instead of tenaciously but blindly trying to maintain the popular, nihilistic worldview.

In my deepest being i am life itself; that which causes, that which experiences, that which observes, that which longs, loves and desires. (I am learning not to be that which fears, hates, lusts or destroys.) I am that life which is also each one of us, within our personal piles of dust. That which is exactly the same in each of us, which forms the dust-bunnies that we appear to be.

Life is consciousness, and human life is ostensibly its highest form, at least here on Earth. Consciousness in its highest current form, wherever and in whomever it may be, is the Godhead. But cocooned within our personal dust piles as we are, you and i seldom, and barely, manage to be anything more than just ordinary Dick- and Jane-heads.

Now you know.


(Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay)

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